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How to Feel Comfortable Wearing and Eating with Braces

Cade Orthodontics is a practice that has made a lot of progress in recent times, enabling Winter Garden residents to choose from various types, styles and colors of braces. Even so, it takes time to adjust to wearing and eating with braces and many people still find braces to be very uncomfortable. Following are some ways in which one can get rid of some or even all of the discomfort that comes along with wearing braces.

Use Wax

Most orthodontists provide a special type of wax to those wearing braces. When the wires start to poke the sides of the mouth, simply get a little bit of this wax and use it to cover the end of the wire. If the inside of the cheek was cut by the wire, it will heal on its own in a few days.

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Obey the Rules

Click the this link Cade Orthodontics for a list of rules and foods can and cannot be eaten while wearing braces. Generally speaking, sticky foods (like caramel) and foods that easily get caught between one’s teeth (like popcorn) should not be eaten at all while wearing braces. Obeying the rules can be hard, but wearing braces for longer than originally intended is even harder.

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Get Help

If a wire is poking the side of the cheek or the braces feel too tight, call Dr. Penny at Cade or click the link Cade Orthodontics. For suggestions and tips. In many cases, Dr. Penny can make a quick adjustment that will make the braces easier to wear than ever before.

Focus on the Positive

Instead of paying full attention to the braces and the discomfort caused by them, a person will want to focus on how beautiful his or her teeth will be after the braces are taken off. Doing so can help to take one's mind off of the pain the enable him or her to enjoy life.

Wearing braces can be a challenge but the results are often well worth it. If you know a  person who needs orthodontic help call our office today 407-656-0990 and make your complimentary appointment and then follow Dr. Penny's instructions carefully. Doing so ensures that one will not have to wear braces for longer than necessary and makes the discomfort worth it all in the end.

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Please visit us at Cade Orthodontics for you complimentary exam and get started on that beautiful smile you have always wanted. Call 407-656-0990.  Most insurances welcomed.


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